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“There is no health without mental health”

Today is as good a day as any for us as a people to reflect on the way we live.

Our thoughts are our reality but it does not define who a person is. These thoughts emanate from within ourselves continuously which care should be taken as some of these thoughts can be harmful if they are not contextualized.

Alan Watts said “You can’t get wet by the word water.” Maintaining good mental health is important for living a successful life.

The key to achieving mental stability is in our mindset and lifestyle – How we think and what we do on a daily basis.

There are many factors that contribute to a breakdown in one’s overall health and lead to mental health issues. There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that the following should not be ignored. Firstly, stress, deficiencies, hereditary factors, food and beverage especially alcohol and drug abuse, trauma, medications, lack of exercise, sleep deprivation, environmental toxins and heavy metals are just a few.

Recognising that we can control most of these, we need to change our mindset and be much more involved in the way we live and interact with ourselves and others.

Read more, ask questions and or take a course to learn how the body works and what it needs at each stage of development.

Mental illness can affect anyone at any time whether one believes he or she is strong and healthy and without clearance from a doctor.

To reduce the risk associated with this condition, it is advisable to get sufficient sleep, talk to your friends, family or doctor about how you feel, exercise regularly, gardening is important to grow your own food, spend some time outdoor to absorb sunlight for no less than 30 minutes daily, consume more water daily, eat healthy nutritious food – make food your medicine and most importantly read, read, read or get as much information as you can on your body and optimal living.

Try as much as is possible to live drama free and a less hectic life. Make good choices that would make you healthy and happy like belonging to a faith-based organisation and or persons of like-minded beliefs can help to improve your mood.