The Spygate Denial

The suspicion of the Government of Grenada having tried to acquire spy -SW to observe its own people was first published in a well-respected German weekly magazine.

Minister Nickolas Steele is in the center of the alleged accusation. Certainly the presumption of innocence applies. Being asked, he does what practically everybody else would do, he strongly denies. The question now is: Is the denial convincing?

The story and the published letter shall all be fake according to the Minister. Ok, but why should anybody have invented it? For what purpose is the entire effort? If it is not true, then nothing is left, including no motive. On the other hand, the story refers to undisputed meetings which means it could have happened.

Minister Steele claims (quote The New Today) “… this was impossible since the Mitchell-led ruling New National Party (NNP) government had just won the elections and was itself passing legislation in Parliament to outlaw the practice”.

This statement is -in all respect- too general to be meaningful. What does it refer to? The gag-order to be able to criminalise free opinion in social media, which was dropped after enduring domestic and international protests?

The disputed letter was written in October 2013, the same year when the NNP won the election in February. After coming back to power, the Mitchell-led government lost no time to take actions to establish a strong position for the future. It is actually what many democratically voted for dictators do.

The Office for Elections with its IT-infrastructure was integrated into the government organisation and the computers connected to government servers.

Senior staff members have been illegally fired or demoted. It was a severe violation of the constitution.

The then Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Nazim Burke addressed the Secretary General of the Organisation of American States notifying (quote) “attacks and threats to democracy in Grenada”.

The Mitchell-led Government is guilty of many unjustified attempts to undermine free expression of opinion. Grenada Broadcast has been illegally forced down several times. As the accusations had no merit the government had to give in, in all cases.

The political activist Kem Jones has been intimidated repeatedly in trying to silence him.

Could you imagine this government regards spy-SW to observe cell phones of its opponents as desirable addition?

A meeting had taken place between Minister Steele and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Wirecard because (quote) “he was trying to sell his Wirecard technology”. To a developing country with 108’000 inhabitants, the size of a small city? This is extremely hard to believe as a business proposition.

Minister Steele declares the letter has “no filing number or anything at all” and “(the letter) left out certain things that are part of our regular correspondence”. Yes, it has no filing number but it looks in every part genuine and complete.

And again, who should make up such a story and for what reason? In summary, I am not convinced.

Worried Grenadian

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