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The RGPF is embattled with Martin as head

In a recent message during Parliament sitting, the Prime Minister clearly stated that “Grenada is a mad house”.

If that is the case then what is he doing being head of a mad house full of mad people?

I must admit that he may be correct in saying so. Why? As we have realised all the pillars of democracy have been compromised and are seriously broken through bad leadership and management over the years.

We are aware that the administrative and legislative arm of democracy have collapsed in the country and we have always thought we could have relied on the hope and trust we can have in our Police Force to protect us and our country.

Today we have seen that the level of disconnect and corruption in the Police Force have gone through the roof and all that is being induced by the influence and manipulation of this current government.

On the appointment of Edvin Martin, everyone including each member of the force were of the opinion that something better was going to be occurring in the RGPF. However, this is not the case.

The state of affairs existing now in the RGPF is such that lawlessness has become the order of the day and with a Martin in charge, after two long years no signs of things becoming better but instead is getting worse.

Let us look at where the trend is developing from – the Ministry of National Security, FIU, Public Service Commission and the RGPF have completed the cycle required to establish a dictatorship in the country.

This system will coordinate amongst itself to cover up all wrong doing occurring within, especially when it involves members of the inner circle or those closely associated with the NNP.

In the RGPF, history will show that all the so-called NNPites whether qualified or not, were quickly elevated to the highest levels and not being able in most cases to perform to expectation. In addition, most of them came in with moral and ethical problems. We must not forget all those sexual misconduct which have occurred and most of them swept under the carpet.

The big question is when will Edvin Martin publicly address this issue with truth and sincerity? The public need to know what plans he has in place to address all those sex assaults, sexual harassment and rape cases that are outstanding in the force.

Why Edvin Martin is afraid to publicly address this sour point which is destroying the force. Several incidents have occurred in recent times and more keep coming up almost daily.

In Central, Western and in Eastern divisions, the female officers are existing in fear because both senior and junior male officers are continuously sexually harassing them.

One female officer who does not want to be named, claimed that “most of them in Khaki suit constantly make offers and promises to females – some of them accept because of habits and greed while most have refused and complained.

In the latest episode, Eastern division was hit again with allegation of a female officer, which is believed to be under investigation. In this case one of the NNP icons is alleged to have misconducted himself with a female officer at the Grenville police station.

She is calling on the acting COP to do something to address the situation now since all of the females there are very fearful.

It was reported that a Superintendent in town has been put to investigate the matter. In recent times, Grenville has been battered with several sexual complaints against officers at the managerial level.

In another sour case, Inspector Dereck Panchoo was moved from Immigration in order to make way for Inspector Thomas, the husband of a Minister to act in his position.

To date, the Inspector was never told of his transfer and it would appear that Covid-19 was used as the reason to move him out hoping that no one will complain.

The RGPF seems to be very broken at this time and is in need of re-organisation.

Edvin Martin seems not to have the force together and the reason may well be the wishes from the Gardens, keeping the situation like this.

If a Commissioner cannot decide on placement of his officers and must act on the directives of politicians, the force has a long way to go.

The Immigration situation and others that the COP cannot control are part of the reasons why the force is going the wrong way.

Edvin Martin must realise that if he wishes to leave a graceful legacy after his exit from the force, he must do the right thing and always work and take action based on the law and not from the Botanical Gardens.

More information will be coming out soon – keep your ears and eyes open.

Concern Citizen

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