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The police promotion exams

I prefer to use this medium to inform the public about some issues as it relates to the upcoming Promotion exam readiness in the Royal Grenada Police Force.

Based on discussions held, most officers are not in favour of the promotion exam at this time especially in this COVID-19 pandemic.

It must be noted not that officers do not want the exam but not at this time as it has been postponed too many times and officers’ readiness was off and on and that can be frustrating.

The material submitted for study is too bulky and most junior officers based on their daily duty detail find it difficult to study the materials.

There are officers that are holding supervisory positions for years without issues and from all indications they are doing a splendid job. In this case it is easy for the Commissioner to make isolated promotions with the power so vested.

Based on Covid issues, quite a lot of officers were affected in some way or the other. We lost two senior officers and their sudden passing affected a lot of staff members, officers were not able to grieve properly. This will have a long-term effect on officers as they were not able to get the usual funeral.

I must say that we are happy with the recovery rate of affected officers and bear in mind that there are also other long-term side effects on the human system based on information from WHO and other certified medical experts.

To make things worse some officers lost and are still losing family members, children, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and the list goes on.

I must say the zoom sessions that were held as preparation for exams were well received and will go a long way for daily duties. Kudos to the presenters and organisers.

Nothing can be further from the truth as anytime a promotion is done there must be some people who will not be happy because they were left out and that will never change.

Based on the positions that are available at this time, the best thing to do because the power is vested in you Mr Commissioner, just fill those vacant positions with the persons on merit and we know there are lots of well deserving officers who are constantly performing and will fill those positions.

As for the way forward, there is sufficient time to ensure that all measures and proper facilities are put in place for the next promotion some time later in the new normal era which we will learn to be accustomed to. We already have the regulations in place.

If we take a serious look at what is happening out there these days some of us are really overburdened, it is no longer crime fighting it is solving everything.

Officers are called in every issue that occurs under this planet, be it in schools, churches, workplaces, party events – ah mean just name it and the police are called. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, counselors.

The serious ones try to stay away from politics etc and we have to solve the issues eh. I know we speak a lot about and would like to see transparency and accountability but in our organisation where the positions are few and the competitors are many, I wonder how it works as some must be aggrieved.

I believe the Police Welfare Association should take up this concern  of their members with the administrative team soonest so that it can be addressed and adjustments be made.

We should not be waiting for another date for an exam but a date for appointment to fill vacant positions.

Concerned Constable