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The plight of PAM

Dear Interim Chair of PAM,
Mr Tyrone Buckmire,

The Programme for Adolescent Mothers (PAM), is one of the Nation’s most progressive agencies, offering continuing education and social support for young Mothers unable to continue formal education in State schools.

It was originally a project of The Grenada National Coalition on the Rights of the Child and managed by Grensave. It has now matured and is a Not for Profit in its own right.

However, the management of the agency has not been straight forward in recent times and it continues to operate under an ‘interim’ Board. As this interim board has been operating for some time now, we are humbly asking the question, when do you intend setting a date for an AGM?

We understand that due to the present circumstances, this is a challenge and would like to suggest that there are numerous platforms which can be utilised to conduct such a meeting. We feel that long term plans and aims need to be agreed to ensure that the future of PAM and its occupancy of Heritage House is put on a permanent footing.

PAM has accomplished a great deal during its tenure and continues to be considered as a positive service for young women in Grenada. It would be a step backwards to lose such an excellent organisation and to allow the service to be at the whims and fancies of politicians.

We look forward to the appearance of an advertisement of the event and the registration of new members imminently. Good governance and transparency have to be bywords for the management of agencies, particularly related to the well being of our young people. We are their role models, we need to behave accordingly.

Kriss Davies

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