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The NNP problem

Too much nonsense is going on in my party now.

Let me say here and now that I have no intention to join the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as I grew up in the house of the New National Party (NNP) and will die an NNPite.

However, since the election the party has become like NDC with too many public squabbles.

The last was the attack on the Hon. Delma Thomas by Andre Donald on his radio station.

Every NNP person knows that Andre was not doing that on his own but got orders from powerful persons within the party to attack Sister Delma.

I still have a lot of respect and admiration for the Hon. Dr. Keith Mitchell and will continue to support him but not as the person to take the party into the next election.

I am prepared to give the man the benefit of the doubt on the grounds that he now recognises that he failed to prepare for a successor and that is now causing a lot of the problems in the party.

Maybe if NNP had won the election the lady from the UK Akima Paul might have accepted the position of Deputy Prime Minister and to eventually take over as our new leader and successor to Dr. Mitchell.

I do not see her doing that now as she would have to give up a lucrative career and to take a big gamble with these ungrateful Grenadians and young people who have no loyalty to anyone.

Peter David is a “no-no” as our leader as many feel that the party and country will be run by Kennedy Budhlall and Chester Humphrey as this lawyer from the town is known to be weak and indecisive.

A man from town told me around Christmas that it is Chester Humphrey and not Peter himself who is pushing hard for Pedro to take over the NNP leadership as part of his slogan that “the progressive” must be in control in Grenada.

Doc, please sit down and talk things over with Sister Delma as I am not convinced that she is a supporter of NDC.

The lady might be much smarter than Emmalin and the others as she knows that NDC is now the party with the pepper sauce and for her to get things for her constituency she has to play some ball with them.

I am not in support of the way in which the party is getting Ms. Waldron to go around the constituency and organise without Sister Delma.

We have become the laughing stock when the party announced that it was having a meeting in the constituency with the Prime Minister and it was cancelled at the last minute on the grounds that this was Easter.

How come no one knew that Easter was coming and that any such political activity was unwise especially when the talk around was that the meeting was to deal with Sister Delma once and for all?

Our NNP party has to start looking at positioning itself for the next two to three years with the right people at the top.

The young people will not come into NNP in numbers and try and take their rightful place if all they are seeing is Keith Mitchell, Gregory Bowen and Roland Bhola and the other old men running the show.

The NDC catch us with our pants down with the young team of candidates led by Dickon Mitchell who created history by becoming Prime Minister after eight months as Political Leader of his party.

Doc, make no mistake about it Dickon Mitchell will not be easy to beat in the next election as a lot of young people still support him and want to see a younger person running the country.

I am confident that with hard work and the right people including a new young, vibrant and articulate person, the NNP should not be discounted in the next election.

It all depends on what we in the NNP do as a party.