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The NDC convention

As a strong supporter and card bearing member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) I am forced to come out in the open and talk about the jostling that has already started for the position of Political Leader with the convention coming up in the next 3 to 4 months.

Some people have approached our constituency in St. Patrick East and asking our members to support Kennedy Roberts for the position of leader of the party.

This is a democracy and Kennedy Roberts is free to put up his name on the ballot paper to contest any position in the party as long as he is a member of NDC.

But I cannot support Kennedy as my next leader. I have never personally met the man but he is not qualified for the job. Kennedy might be young and ambitious but that is all that I can see in him.

Why would the people of Grenada throw out Dr. Keith Mitchell from office and give the job to Kennedy Roberts? The people refused to vote out Dr. Keith for Nazim Burke in 2018 and will not do that for Kennedy Roberts.

Maybe Kennedy Roberts is forgetting a few things. He was handpicked as the NNP candidate to run against the same Nazim Burke in the 2008 general election in St. George North-east.

My NNP brothers and sisters told me that the internal poll that was conducted by their party showed that the lawyer boy Dwight Horsford had come out on top and way ahead of Kennedy but the powerful one ignored the result of the poll and gave the job to the Roberts boy.

I will like to hear Kem Jones on this one. If my memory serves me right it was this NNP issue in St. George North-east that brought about the clash between Kem Jones and Dr. Mitchell.

I think that Kem Jones held a press conference and accused Dr. Mitchell of dictatorship in the manner in which Mr. Horsford was sidestepped in favour of Kennedy Roberts.

The NNP General Secretary at the time was Sister Claris Charles and if she is honest enough to tell the truth will say what really happened in the NNP selection process for a candidate to run against Nazim Burke.

How then can Kennedy hope to challenge Dr. Keith for the job of Prime Minister of this country after what has happened? I can see the big grin and laugh on Keith Mitchell face if Kennedy Roberts is elected as the next NDC leader.

In the first place Dr. Mitchell has no respect for Kennedy and will chew him up politically and condemn the NDC to another 15-0 whitewash in the election.

As a matter of fact, I will like to hear from Kennedy Roberts where is he looking to run if he becomes leader of NDC? Is he looking at North-east again after the bad beating he got in 2008?

Kennedy Roberts cannot think of Carriacou & Petite Martinique where his family is from as the young boy has to run there again to finish off what he started with Lady Snow.

Is Kennedy better than Nazim? This is the question that we as NDCites have to answer in an honest manner.

At this stage, I am calling on all committed NDC supporters like myself to ask people like Uncle Tilly, Ken Joseph and the same Nazim

Burke to go and ask Mrs Bernardine to be our next political leader and Prime Minister.

There is no comparison between the lady and Kennedy Roberts in the eyes of the people.

If Comrade Naz is honest he will know that the people were calling for Franka and not him for the 2018 elections.

Now is the time to put greed for power and selfishness aside and let love for country guide us in the few months ahead leading up to the


The only current member who is fit for the job right now is Sister Franka if we can convince her to take the job.

I plan to write another letter soon to highlight why the sister should be the next Political Leader and no one else. I have sent an emissary to Franka to feel her out before putting pen to paper to sell her to fellow Ndcities as our new leader.