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The most valuable of them all

In the coming days people are preparing for the Holidays; shopping, planning menus, travelling to visit relatives and friends, well as aiming to celebrate some days of reconciliation and peace.

Peace is a value and probably the most valuable of them all. No earthly possession or gain can match the value of peace. Peace is in the interest of everyone. Real peace is coming from the soul of persons. It will be in their heart and mind. Those who live with peace and harmony are winners who will flourish. Have merci with those who don’t have peace in their heart and mind. They will be restless, twitchy, and will be the losers.

One cannot bargain or negotiate for peace. It cannot be bought. It cannot be acquired by force. It is a priceless conviction from within, not a bargaining chip.

There cannot be peace my way or else the highway; there has to be peace all the way and for all as a human right. A leader is a failing individual when not being able to establish, or to maintain peace.

Even if there are differences, it is an art to unite while leaving those differences intact. Finding common ground is the best way that differences can be settled for the sake of the greater good. A peace leader is able to create a climate of courteousness and graciousness.

Being in peace leads to relaxation of mind, positivity in life, and is overall beneficial for human well-being.

May we, our friends and those who oppose our feelings or believes, be given the strength and wisdom to find a way to live in peaceful co-existence and let our world become as one.

May true peace come upon you before, during, and after the Holidays, no matter who you are or where you are.

Cdr. Bud Slabbaert