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The MNIB fiasco – one year later!!!

It’s approaching one year since the MNIB fiasco hit Grenada like a storm. Mr. Ruel Edwards was removed from the helm of the MNIB and placed at the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Elvis Young was put to act and I do believe he is still acting. Keep in mind this was the accountant under Mr. Edwards who allowed the funds to be so called mismanaged.

Does Mr. Young have the managerial skills and acumen to put MNIB back on its feet?

I wish to express my disappointment with the PM for the handling of the matter but I shouldn’t be disappointed as it well known how close he and Ruel were. However, I expected that along with Ruel the entire board and Managers who sat idly by while all the bad decisions were being made would be removed.

To my amasement the Board of Directors basically remained the same with only three changes Mr. DeAllie, Colin La Barrie and Mr. Michael Stephen. Is the PM so confident of the competency of the remaining members? Why are they still active? Is the defense of ‘I didn’t know what was going on acceptable”?

The same managers continued to draw their huge salaries and benefits while doing very little to improve the current situation of the company or to make the harsh decisions that have to be made.

The managers seem to be having a ball of a time engaging in other activities on the company’s time, which is evident from their movement on a daily basis.

The rest of the employees from middle management right down are disgruntled. As they should rightly be. Last year we heard pension plan, insurance plan and bills weren’t paid. Are things different now?

When was the last staff meeting to address the concerns of these brutalised workers?

The PM who is directly responsible for MNIB doesn’t have to be told how important an institution as MNIB is to the economy and to every family that exist within this country. MNIB was established to market farmers produce locally, regionally and internationally.

Mr. PM, why have MNIB stopped exporting produce? Do you no longer care about our balance of trade?  Mr. PM, who is investigating the daily operations of MNIB to ensure things are being done right and square pegs are not in round holes?

Since politics is the only language we understand, let me explain to the PM: If all the farmers who work with MNIB are happy, they would influence their families and workers to vote for you. You do the Math!! Remember you need the votes as the public servant and teachers are already upset with you.

The Integrity Commission seems to be making a mockery of our resources and time. What is the status of the investigation?  Where is the money from the commodities sales? Were the companies that brought MNIB to court right or wrong? Is Mr. Edwards right or wrong for suing you?

After one year I am still sadden by the MNIB situation, this company should be the heartbeat of the Grenadian farming community.

I applaud the workers who continue to hold the fort and labour with little pay and benefits. When delivering produce to the pack house I wonder how these workers remain so cheerful and pleasant.

Mr. PM, I recommend the following:

*Change the board
*Evaluate and change the managers
*Meet the workers and have a discussion
*Close down the Grenville outlet
*Give MNIB some new vehicles

Worried Farmer