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The missing oil & gas files

How is it that those who were working in that particular ministry are unable to explain when the files went missing or where they were moved to?

There must be a way to uncover this, which is by no means a mystery. Every bloke in Grenada knows who were the two front men in the then government of Grenada speaking on behalf of oil and gas in Grenada waters.

They should be brought to answer for all of the discrepancies and missing links emerging from the oil and gas fiasco and for all of the questionable foreign characters involved with the two over the last 20 year period.

If it will take a forensic investigation costing millions of dollars, it is absolutely imperative to follow through with it in order to bring truth to light.

The vast majority of us Grenadians cannot bear to see this swept under the carpet and allow for crooks and conmen of the highest order to enjoy the same freedom that we the law-abiding citizens enjoy.

We must come of age, as they do in developed countries, to dig until the truth is unearthed. Who wishes to live in a society where due process of law is lacking transparency and openness?

Is it not time to begin the process of a forensic investigation, no matter the cost? The time is NOW!

Grenadian Patriot