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The missing money

I am forced to bring a matter of concern to the attention of our Prime Minister so that he can personally deal with.

It was discovered more than a year ago that money was missing from the Magistrate’s Court in Victoria.

Mr. Prime Minister, I know that you have a house in St. Mark and lives there from time to time.

So if something is wrong in Victoria, I think the Prime Minister should know about it and deal with it how best he feels.

We understand that the police were called in to investigate the missing money which is somewhere in the vicinity of $30, 000.

We heard that this money was given to the Magistrate’s Court in Victoria for child maintenance by several persons.

Mr. Prime Minister, a certain person who is believed to be a supporter of your party was removed from the office pending the outcome of this police investigation.

We are not hearing anything but people are showing up at the Magistrate’s Court in St. Mark asking for their child maintenance support and not getting it.

Mr. Prime Minister, this is Covid-19 period and our mothers should not be denied their money.

Mr. Prime Minister, please investigate this matter, as the word on the ground is that an attempt is being made to cover up the missing money in the Magistrate’s court because of who is involved.

Mr. Prime Minister, the law should apply to all and sundry and not only to some.

I am bringing this matter for the urgent attention of Dr. Mitchell since I do not want it to be said that this is another Sheldon Scott affair and that the money will never be paid back.

Mr. Prime Minister, the money did not walk away because someone had to take it out from the Magistrate’s Court.

Honest Seeker

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