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The media, truth and you

The Great Manipulator: An enterprise, organisation, powerful individual or group that uses manipulation and illusion as a tool of control. Both presenting itself as charitable-good doing while maintaining its self-centered greed-profiteering ways to achieve its goal of power.

The coronation of King Charles III this past two weeks was an extravaganza supreme, a show for all in the UK, America and the Commonwealth that monarchies can be useful, a way to divert the people’s attention away from the stress-filled days they experience, and to wallow in the magnificence of our better days. You know, the rich and famous.

One thing that was not allowed was any form of dissent to the events, the monarchy or Charles III. None at all. All media outlets kissed the royal ring, presenting the monarch as something particularly new and needed.

Dissent is what this letter is about. Every government on this planet has methodology and protocols that protect their administrations, present diverting illusionary media stories that divert our attention, and go after those that challenge authority.

The UK, Canada, the EU and many other nations are either about to enact or have enacted laws that protect authority, and challenge those who dissent. Should you not like how someone dresses, behaves, protests, practices their faith and you speak out, your actions can bring the strong arm of the law down upon your shoulders.

There has developed a situation where challenging a socially accepted practice, ideology, migrant practice, or even thoughts are seen as racist, prejudiced, destructive and unacceptable.

Challenging the idea that someone of the same sex can get married is cause for legal action in Britain. Political, ethical and moral ideals when seen as incorrect and unacceptable to even a small number of people, can bring the wrath of “the people” upon you.

Hateful, truly racist ideals, phrases and practices can and should be challenged, but the very concept of democratic debate has been challenged by the so-called elites, intelligentsia and their followers.

Universities and schools of higher learning are now centers of recruitment to progressive, or diverging movements placing the very fabric of society into question. Are women superior to men, more intelligent, patient and achievement oriented? Sex, race, intelligence, gender, body shape, achievement ratio are all being challenged by forces who want to win, and forge an unknowing future within society.

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Can governments legislate good behaviour, societal patience, equality, financial equity and fairness, open-minded societal evolution? What we have seen and will continue to experience is that societies are experiencing a fierce struggle between the individual and societal needs and demands.

Governments use the media as a tool of control and propaganda, legislating its authority, funding the media in ways that allow for manipulation, and direct influence. Can the truth ever be expressed and understood?

So long as the media is a financial tool, a profiteering establishment, truth and understanding of what is real news may well be difficult to express and understand.

We fear the news, so the media and societal norms translate it to be better accepted within society. Perhaps that is why a list of who commits crimes, what is their race, where they are from will not be published by the media or provided by the government.

Fear of the possible, of how it can be possibly misunderstood, possibly becoming a tool towards the spread of racism, prejudice and further crime.

If you had the opportunity to read the original Christian Bible, many would freak out. So hundreds of years ago it was translated, manipulated and rewritten to benefit the Elites of the time (Emperor and Kings), the Church Hierarchy, and to make religious life somewhat more livable.

Remember we don’t see things as they really are, we see them as we expect them to be. We can be silent and see all the delusions that surround us melt away, all the electronic sounds that fill our lives. It is natural to speak against what is to us a wrongful thing.

Governments, societal prejudices and power elites can try to stop us, even muzzle our championing the media, while reality can be brutal but it is our only true teacher.

We are all asleep, living our lives routines within an illusion presented to us by the great manipulator. You want to know the truth and truly be free, then wake up and drive the delusions away.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario