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The media – from Fourth Estate to zero estate

Please permit me space in your most popular medium to add my 1-Pence on the so-called Media in Grenada. They are not worth being referred to anymore as the Fourth Estate. No offence meant to you Mr Editor.

With the exception of a few like yourself, so few that they can be counted on one hand, they have all become ‘recording secretaries’. They are best at press releases, attending News Conferences and press briefings where they are called to take dictations and regurgitate what was said.

The game has changed and the public listen and view at the same time while they are taking the dictation, hence we get a repeat over and over again.

I can recall a press briefing by this present Government where not one single question was asked by the media.

Mr. Editor, they depend on the news items and scoops published by your medium and then seek confirmation, instead of finding and breaking the news for themselves.

I can also recall several instances where these same media people jump on your items and report on it without giving credit to the source of the information.

Is that proper and correct journalism? It seems to me that they do not know the basic rule of Journalism to give credit to the source and also for any photos used.

The mischief making MWAG, complained of not being invited to an event for the recent Cabinet reshuffle when they know fully well it is different to the swearing in of Ministers of a new Government, Governor Generals, Presidents of the Senate etc.

Were they invited when Peter David was to take the oath in a reshuffle of the previous NDC government and did not show up?

It is not the first time that Government Ministers engaged in a reshuffle of cabinet, has taken their oath and signed in private, and even if the past Administration did it differently, matters not, we voted for change and transformation, not business as usual.

Makes me wonder if it is the food and cocktails they were fighting for? But only a few days before they were well fed in an engagement with the Administration, like no other under the previous regime.

It was claimed by MWAG that their boycott was successful and sent a strong message. Seriously MWAG? We all viewed and listened in on the press conference on various platforms, like Mikey Live, GIS and even GBN Facebook page.

Was this a shot in the foot GBN? The Government got the Information out to us in the public without any hindrance whatsoever from MWAG.

Kudos to the young female reporter from THE NEW TODAY (The star of the show) as one MWAG member referred to her, who stood her ground, engaged the head table and asked some pertinent questions. With some training and experience she will do well in the field.

Kudos and cheers to our Prime Minister who is always ahead of his game. Most importantly the message was out despite this nonsense from MWAG.

Get with the times MWAG and Media, we no longer wait for the 12 o’clock or 7 o’clock news to hear what is happening in our country as we get it in real time from Social Media.

MWAG, you cannot derail our Government – you are not a force nor factor in going forward!!!

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