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The issue of the NNP headquarters

A message to Dr KC Mitchell as he prepares to demit office as political leader of the NNP and having already been forced to leave the office of the Prime Ministership.

The last election in 2022 was a surprise result for everyone who understands politics because the people wanted a change and were ready to risk it with an inexperienced NDC.

Dr Keith, having led the party from 1989 to the present and said quite often and forcefully in his own words, “No one within the NNP is seen capable of leading the party”.

This statement is a condemnation of the said leader because he failed to empower his team but treated them like children.

After thirty-three years with a single leader in the name of Dr. Keith Mitchell, the NNP party has no tangible assets because of poor management.

The leader ruled with an iron fist and demanded loyalty in utter submissiveness, mainly because he remembers what he did to the late PM and PL Hon. HA Blaize in 1989.

In your 33 years as the ultimate leader, you have collected party funds – well over $100M EC plus – all the damn monies you said are yours.

The NNP took a mortgage to purchase Mt Helicon to develop the party headquarters. After a few years, you boldly informed the party that your wife is paying off the mortgage and taking over the property so the party has to find rented space.

The PL collected and made all decisions about expenditures but failed to pay the mortgage for Mt Helicon. You managed the party like the country by just collecting and spending monies with no proper planning and development.

I urge you, sir, that before demitting office at the next convention you build the NNP headquarters and not leave your party in shambles as the GULP.

Allow the party the freedom to organize, and get ready to retire in peace and humility.

Party Supporter