The free flow of traffic

By and large the Traffic Department is doing a good job with traffic control and regulation in the country given the amount of vehicles now on the nation’s road.

However, as an observing citizen I have some concerns with the uneven manner in which some of the traffic cops operate in doing their work.

For instance, the traffic police will come into the city and clamp vehicles parked in no parking zones like on St. John Street, Grenville Street and in the immediate vicinity of the Market Square.

I have even observed the police clamping a vehicle on Lower’s Lane near to the Anglican High School that was parked in a very dangerous zone.

But the police are turning a blind eye to vehicles parked on Lucas Street near to a law office that is owned by a certain high-up person with the current government and one who even served at the highest level in this country.

This place is right next to the police booth between the said lower section of Lucas Street, Scott Street and H.A Blaize Street.

As one who travels from the St. Paul’s area on a daily basis, it is a traffic nightmare to be coming down Lucas Street and run into the traffic bottle neck with vehicles parked in front of that particular law office.

The vehicles that are trying to go onto the city are prevented from doing so due to the traffic pile up in that area.

The free flow of traffic cannot take place as vehicles have to wait for sometime to go down H.A Blaize Street and the others heading into gtown have to wait as the road in front of them are blocked by a few vehicles parked up in front of that law office.

The police can make some good money by operating in that zone on a daily basis and clamp the many vehicles that often park up in front of that law office.

As a law-abiding citizen, I would hate to think that the Commissioner of Police or the Head of the Traffic Department would issue instructions to the Traffic Cops to turn a blind eye to those vehicles parked in front of that law office.

If the police can clamp vehicles parked up in the city then that policy should also apply to those other areas that are simple nuisances to the free flow of traffic.

Citizen Watch

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