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The food hamper thing in SGNE

Oh my gosh!!!

This thing with Nimrod and the Food Hamper in St George North-east is really interesting.

I am wondering if Nimrod read the statement put out by his wife since she is admitting that something came from lotto for his initiative and was channeled through a constituency office.

Nimrod said that he did not get any cash from lotto so then what it is that his wife is admitting to?

I believe that Nimrod did not get any cash in hand and that his wife could only be alluding to vouchers from lotto to be redeemed at some place in exchange for goods.

If that is the case then lotto money did pass in St George North-east and furthermore it should have gone into the hands of Mr. Tobias Clement as the MP and not for use by Mr. Nimrod or anybody associated with him.

Lotto should not be giving this kind of assistance to political persons who are not Members of Parliament.

If that is the case then Nimrod should immediately ABANDON any thoughts of entering active politics.

We need to hear from the lotto manager, Mr. Gilbert so that he can tell us exactly what he gave and to whom and for what purpose.

There is no need to set up an inquiry for something as simple as this as Mr. Gilbert can clear it up.

We need answers to the following:-

Is it about food, or is it about politics?

Why did the NLA give $5000 to all the constituencies?

Who authorised that?

Is that part of the NLA’s mandate?

Was this a one-off thing, or has the NLA done this before?

If yes, in which previous years, and what were the amounts?

Answers to these questions would tell us if it is just about food!!

Mr. Food Hamper