The New Today


“The enemy of my enemy is my Friend”

The above headline is the best way I can describe Naz’s verbal attack on THE NEW TODAY newspaper, which I always refer to as the “last man standing” when it comes to independent media here in Grenada.

Mr. Editor, you must be doing an extremely good job to be getting attacks FROM them and FOR them. I consider this great journalism.

I am a supporter of Naz and was quietly hoping that he can make a comeback to give the NDC party some much needed life. Before this outburst I always listened to him with great interest. He is brilliant to my mind and has worked hard as the party leader. But sadly he has missed an opportunity, and dropped the ball big time!!

Burke describes the article in the New Today as “scribbles of an imbecile”. Does he truly believe that, coming from THE NEW TODAY newspaper?

I do believe Naz knows better, but in true imbecile politics style, he does not know better than to launch his verbal attack publicly, shoot the messenger and kill the message. POLITICS IS CLEARLY NOT FOR YOU NAZ!!!!!

I am left to wonder, will Naz be the next NNP candidate for North East? Could it be the old adage that “when you can’t beat them, you join them?”

I hope that we are not seeing a repeat of the late Derek Knight who left GNP and joined GULP after he failed after many attempts to defeat the late Eric Gairy.

One of the issues raised by Naz and as he will like us believe is that the investigation was a long time ago 5-10 years. The article in question did not say is put or was put. It simply says put. We who have some knowledge about investigations, know too well that investigations by the FIU is not usually a slam dunk thing…open and shut. It can go on for a long while before being closed.

In this case, the article did not say whether the investigation is still ongoing or it is closed. Does Naz know for a fact that the investigation is closed or when it started, when he admitted in the same interview that he had no knowledge of it? It was a secret investigation Naz!!

What the article did say is that the investigation reached a stumbling block due to the lack of co-operation from the Canadians and so Naz has not been found to have done anything wrong. Does that mean it is closed? I don’t think so.

I have not seen the damaging factor to Naz. Reading and listening to the comments on the matter they are mostly favourable and defensive of Naz.

The article appears to be in Naz’s favour more than anything else, and not maligning him. Naz, you should be thankful for the article because maybe, just maybe, the thing might be closed soon due to the exposure.

When I read the article I saw you as the victim of this vindictive PM who abuses his power, just as I saw you when the PM admitted in Parliament that he blocked your application for a job with an international organization and also when he publicly pronounced on your tax information.

To my mind, whether you were put under investigation 5 to 10 years ago or is presently still under investigation, it is safe to say put. The question whether it is or was, the article did not mention.

It appears that there is more than meets the eye. Can it be a personal thing between yourself and George Worme for previous writings, utterances or criticisms about you?

Brandon Williams