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The Earth is dying: What would St. Francis do?

Save Our Earth. That is all we ask. Decades ago activists, citizens and the average person you may know asked for just such a thing. A fellow of devotion to both God and Humanity asked this of a government that looked upon such people as troublemakers, enemies of the establishment’s beloved Capitalistic system.

The process of saving the earth from economic and population pressure is both demanding and challenging – challenging to those who profit from the harvesting of the globe’s natural resources, the dumping of chemicals and materials into our environment, waterways and in reality our backyards.

Demanding governmental regulation to proceed, and an end to so-called Corporate Self-Regulation!

Demanding the purification of the water we use, mostly polluted with multiple long lasting poisons/chemicals and micro plastics, We cannot even drink water from our home taps for fear of what harmful materials could be in it.

Our forests are being mismanaged, harvested by private concerns and not replaced fast enough. Forest Fires rampage across our lands threatening multiple communities. The very air we breathe is contaminated from the poisons that fires create, and our forests cannot clean and filter the air we so desperately need.

Our Oceans continue to be over harvested by local fishermen, and Corporate Giants alike. A dumping ground that allows big business, cities and regions to ship their crap into international waters and use our Oceans, Seas and even Lakes as places to dispose of the trash we produce.

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Local rivers, streams and lakes are flushed with dumped chemicals, used septic solution, toxins and common chemicals.

Unscrupulous Businesses and Organised Crime are paid big bucks to get rid of above mentioned materials legally, but these too find their way into our waterways.

Find a way to halt the overpopulation of our planet. People are consuming everything, and the very process of feeding those people is highly complicated and socially divisive.

There simply will not be enough landmass, fresh water and food to house, feed and nurture humanity peacefully. While the Religious, Governmental and Corporate Sectors try to develop policies that can effectively assist those presently with us, what about the many who will be future inhabitants?

The Franciscan Way can bring balance, respect and love to the above equation. Religious efforts you ask? Sure. Within each of us is a divine presence, and we simply need to recognise it and apply it to the Earth’s Benefit and Our Salvation on Earth.

St. Francis knew humans were the custodians of our home, and as such our divine presence could change the way we relate to earth, do business, treat nature and the planet.

What would Jesus do? Recognise there still is time, and every effort we make to save earth and ourselves benefit the greater good.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario