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The destructive elements in a society

To be a good leader of people you must believe in yourself and have a clear vision of what you want to achieve for the society in which you live.

The so-called Clear Vision, is God’s gift given to man and woman and not everyone will be and is blessed with such.

As we are about to celebrate our Carnival festivity with the much improved stage, lighting, sound system and even the great Soca Monarch show, such developments were plagued with controversies in the past and even the boycotting of Carnival in 2001.

In order to achieve what we are now enjoying, it took men and women with vision and great courage.

My advice to our young Administration is to be aware that there are good, visionary and patriotic individuals in our society, whose aims are to strive for the betterment of Communities and Country.

Politically, there are good NDC supporters and so too are NNP. But how about the supporters on both sides, whose only aims and intentions are that of being destructive for selfish reasons?

The questions we have to ask ourselves – whose supporters were responsible for the demise of the once Progressive Grenada Calypso Association, the Rainbow City festival and who wanted to personally take absolute control of the now lucrative Soca monarch show?

Let’s hope that this mindset is now something of the past. To be a successful Administration you must be prepared to do the work and to achieve betterment for your Country. In so doing you must also make use of the many talents that are NOT available in your political organisation.

Today, for example the Youth Rehabilitation Center at Grand Bacolet at its inception used to be called a Jail for children by the supporters of a political party, because of the lack of vision but today the facility is timely, no longer are we sending juveniles to Richmond Hill prison.

A good Administration will ensure that it utilises the talents of progressive citizens, whilst listening carefully to the cries of Wolves by its supporters, who do not know what a Wolf really looks like.

A good political party supporter is one who is vigilant but must also be blessed with that vision of inclusiveness.

Former Culture Minister