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The deficit in the politics

After 47 years, is there yet another political vacuum in Grenada?

Is there another political vacuum in Grenada and lots of people trying to step into that space? Our two parties political system is being challenged for the right to govern this blessed country of ours, some people seem to be disappointed with both political parties.

If the above is true, then should we not be having a discussion about accountable, transparent governance as it relates to?

  1. Money in politics, Campaign financing and corruption as it relates to: increasing national debt (inflated cost of work to be done with money going to political parties), money from illegal sources, money from sources who want to control policy direction, money from sources who want to keep corrupt political parties in power, etc.

2. Procurement

3. Constitution reform as it relates to transparent governance and rights

4. Training our people for jobs in the rest of the world and the importance of remittance

5. Diversifying the economy to be able to absorb shocks

6. And other national issues of our times.

Who should organise and moderate such discussions? And should there be sanctions for those who do not participate?

A few years ago one political party refused to participate in any further debates on national issues, reducing our politics to rallies, rum, t-shirts, gifts and grand promises (the party with the most money wins).

I could only think of the grouping of Social Partners to lead this discussion, with a new group of creditable representatives. The majority of people must have confidence in the nonpartisanship of these people.

Social partners should include:

  • Farmers to include fishing
  • Private sector to include hotels and banks
  • The NGO community
  • Churches
  • Secondary school association

Who should constitute the grouping of Social Partners and convene this urgent meeting? How about the Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce?

Presently the government decides who should constitute the Social Partners.

Have we inadvertently given the Prime Minister even more power than the constitution gives him?

Is the new class of politicians about service to the people or to become filthy rich off the people (few men must benefit)?

We are at a serious crossroad, we can move forward with programs that will benefit all, or regress to times pass.

The choice is ours; let us restructure our politics so we can have more accountable, transparent governance, with long-term planning and a professional public service.

Brian Pitt
Past President
Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce