The Dashiki was a fake

Oh how we have come to see the truth about THEM AGAIN.

I could not sit and allow the events of Fort Jeudy go by without adding my piece.

America stopped because of a man name George Floyd, and Grenada stopped for a dog. I am scared to think I saw the worst of some of my Grenadian people under the circumstances.

Maybe some folks were outraged that Grenadians took the time to do a peaceful protest, and that angered them so they were waiting to exact revenge on the first black man they believe to offend them, maybe.

Whatever it is, there is no excuse for what has happened to the Smith family. Beaten, abused, lied to even by their fellow Grenadians, paraded into the police station on a bogus and foolish accusation and judged by the unjust, at the staged funeral site of a dog. That is what happened.

What concerns me even more is that I see after all we have gone through as a people come to ashes, we have lost the lessons of 1975, 1979, 1983, and we have blindly adopted the lessons of what has now become the New Political Policy and a democratic dictatorship.

Right and wrong are now dependant on political affiliation, and your connection with the authority.

Tillman warned us about Arley, Pedro, Stanford, Glynis and all of them are today still searching.

Roberts is still searching for her associates for her new political party, to the point where she had to join ranks with the NNP.

Stanford has become the New spiritual politically motivated leader.

Pedro is still trying to become the accepted one for NNP and the fight between the ranks continue day after day, and what’s more is the fight is between an incompetent bundle. Pedro, Nikki, The media man fighting on Pedro side, it is just laughable.

And the biggest fake of all, the Dashiki wearing, fake loyalist, like to write about culture, the comrade. I will be surprised if any Grenadian ever allows him to represent them again.

In a time when Black Lives Matter Protest are dominating the globe, and racist slurs and acts are now being fought against, this opportunist, this sorry excuse of a person has turned his backs on an abused Grenadian family to defend a privileged white family.

Well I guess anyone who sings a calypso on the events of Fort Jeudy will never make it to the finals if he was judging.

I am sad that a fellow Grenadian can stand, face a camera and say, “no one ever laid a finger on Mr. Smith.”

I am sad that a pictured scene of a grave site of a dog is the high point of the footage of the interview. I am sad that the barking dog “Took a few steps” into the road, that a man’s keys can be removed from his vehicle without his consent, and was demanded to remain in a spot by another human, and that seems to be “normal”.

Well for the avoidance of doubt, I will be making it a point to drive through some “privileged parts of Grenada” in the coming months, and I will love those who live there to try a repeat. Because this watch man, is capable of defending himself.

Some of these comrades love and speak of the days of the revolution with pride and joy. My question to the Dashiki lawyer and his partner: What would the PRG have done in a situation such as this? What would Eric Gary have done in a time like this?

What would you have done if the victim was your Father, Brother, or any other relative?

I am scared to think that we have not learned from the lessons thought to us. But, as much as I am saddened by all of this, I am not surprised, because we have chosen the way of the Dictatorial tyrant, the Narcissist, the Leader that no one ever dear disagrees with, because he knows how to stop your cash flow, threaten your livelihood and make you come to him on your knees.

Drama, antics, and showmanship are the new norms of representation in Grenada. WE DESERVE BETTER.

Justice for the Smith family in this case is incomplete without the following.

(1). Your family must leave this country, not before you pay a hefty compensation to the family.

(2). Your family must be banned from this country and not allowed to return.

(3). And if CARICOM has any weight then there must be some implications at that level as well. Anything less will be considered irresponsible.

The watch man is watching, because you seem to be able to control the legal system too.

Let us see what your move is, because my voting finger is prepared to vote for anything else, BUT YOU.

The Watchman

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