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The Covid-19 experience

Once upon a time there was a young boy who lived on a small island in the Caribbean.

His parents noticed very early in his life, that he was different and more advanced in thought for his years, so his mother called him “Eyes”. He seemed to be able to really “see” things before their manifestation.

He often spoke about Jesus and grew to love Him a lot. Their relationship grew over time as Eyes matured into the teen years.

“The Holy Spirit is a person”, Eyes would often say to his dad “and we share a lot of conversations. I call him Yeshua”. During the COVID-19 lockdowns they grew even closer, as Eyes spent more time reading about Him and talking with Him.

“The Holy Ghost is a teacher you know, and he sees men’s secrets”, Eyes said.

One day, Yeshua told Eyes a story about something bad that was taking place in his beautiful little country. He told him that nations that invested in the COVID-19 Project, are upset that more people are not taking the COVID-19 jab, so “they” have devised a way to bring a new disease to his people and other island nations.

Yeshua also told him that the COVID-19 virus was developed for 10 years and when it came time to release it into the world, Yeshua killed it in the lab.

Eyes clapped a “hooray Holy Spirit” and gave Him a big smile of appreciation.

“He says in His word that God loves the world a lot so he killed COVID-19 and foiled the sting of the Plandemic”. Confused? Think on that! Think on it again!

“Anyway, do you think 2 trillion dollars is a lot for a cabinet? If you were the Prime Minister of that small island and you received 2 trillion dollars to release GMO mosquitoes on your island over a long period starting now, will you share this booty equally, or would you take most of it?”

“I’m sure you can answer that”, he said. So, Yeshua said, “more and more mosquitoes will come to the beautiful island, as dispersal trends are noted and records are kept, and then one day a deadly disease will be released on the island”.

Can’t you see, mosquito populations are increasing? “O dear”, lamented Eyes, “why would anyone want to do this to such a beautiful little island, that visitors and locals love? It is said to have the most picturesque harbour in the Southern Caribbean.”

Then, Yeshua gave him a summary of the plan of some evil nations and dictators, to hurt Eyes’ beautiful nation: These strange mosquitoes were released unto you. They are meant to be hardy. It was done in collaboration with quite a few nations through the United Nations. The money 2 trillion dollars – human lives are costly – was given to this particular person and some of his followers but the bulk of the money went to him.

Some of these mosquitoes were developed in Columbia and “washed”, that is passed through other countries to erase their source and passage, by two other nations: France and Barbados. They were trafficked in white thermoregulated containers by ship. They were released at Point Salines and Calliste.

The purpose of the experiment is a long one, but to summarize, they are attempting to find the right means of travel, to bring diseases and illnesses to island nations, particularly in the tropics, whose tragically underwhelming response to COVID-19, has sparked confusion among big investors in this COVID-19 Project.

It is a project: a social experiment, namely, as their physical disease did not work. Their virus died in the laboratory. Yeah to me! They worked on that virus for 10 years. Poor them, LOL!

If anyone says that is not how it unfolded, the truth is not in them. Yeshua saw, Yeshua knows. He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear what the Holy Spirit said to “Eyes”.

Nation Lover