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The Chinese plan

I want to congratulate the NDC on a great article on the Chinese loan for the airport.

If only NDC had been on top of this project and sensitised the public sooner, there might have been no launch.

China does everything to benefit China and this project is no different. Grenadians are not ready for this upgrade at our airport but the Keith Mitchell government has already sold out.

Keith Mitchell has to be a naive idiot to ask China to write our development plan which they did but to benefit them, not us, and up to now the Prime Minister has never admitted this although he was asked about it by a journalist two years ago.

The Chinese said that they wrote our development plan and I believe them.

China is working with a 2030 deadline of accomplishing certain goals in the Caribbean and any delay on our part in implementation of their plans which have been signed and sealed by the Mitchell government will irritate them at this point.

We must demand to see this Chinese-written plan which will prove to be the one we are following.

Does anyone remember after Keith Mitchell and NNP kicked out the Taiwanese in 2005, he and Elvin Nimrod went to China but Keith Mitchell returned without Nimrod and when quizzed by the journalists as to the negotiations, he said that we have to wait for Nimrod’s return.

However, upon Nimrod’s return, he was more tight-lipped than before he left and up to now-15 years later- we are yet to know the terms and conditions of the relationship between Grenada and China.

The sad thing is that we do not even ask but by 2030 or sooner, we would see.

The National Girl

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