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The change we need for a healthier society

Fellow Grenadians, we are in this together. There is no you without me; there is no I without you. There is a need for unity, cooperation and helping each other for us to advance as a people.

Your health is important to me and my health should be equally important to you. Your health is your wealth and there is no health without mental health.

Every day we make decisions that affect our health and the way we live. Are we thinking critically and strategically??

As we age, our bodies call for different nutrients to function. Therefore, there is a need to adjust the way we live and what we consume. Our diet should not be the same as an adult as when we were children.

I hope we can put much effort into learning more about the body and the foods that are necessary for its development and for optimum health and vitality.

There are foods that are best suited for the brain, the eyes and to prevent diseases. Strengthen the immune system and improve your gut health, which is known as the second brain.

I recommend that each person learn about nutrition so that we can help our families and eventually lead to a healthier nation.

Exercise is another important factor that helps to stimulate the brain. Do not neglect to include stretching and a 10 to 30-minute walk as part of your daily routine. Your body will thank you for that.

The decisions made today will have a profound impact on tomorrow and the future.