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The Brutus stab is there waiting

What could have gone so wrong with these NNP buddies?

I was seen by Delma as an ungrateful person. You see some people are visionary and can see a bad thing from a distance, the idea is to be able to associate without getting corrupted – not everybody has that ability to do so.

I had so-called good friends who were NOT happy when I teamed up with the STONE to serve my country, including George who did not speak to me for one year.

But in the end he apologised for his mistake of saying I sold myself. Even you, George Worme, we used to be good buddies.

Always remember patriotic people serve, even though today I am not even getting a pension for 16 years of dedicated service because I had to resign from the Service to help Stone.

I did not do so well but Grenada benefited from my skill and services. Is that patriotism? No one can point fingers at me. It is service, not position as George would say.

I know of someone from the Gairy party who joined NNP who would say when you are in there you are entitled to all the good things.

The Stone has treated you unjustly. But he has to reap the fruits from the bad seed he has sown. That’s just the beginning, the person who would give him the Brutus stab is there waiting.