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Taken aback

Mr Prime Minister we welcomed you to London; but the minute of silence for Maurice Bishop is a worrisome factor. Why was that necessary? Had I known that that was on the agenda, I would not have attended.

There I was sitting next to my uncle who I had to coerce to come along with me because he is one of the hurt Grenadians that have left home for good.

There I was thinking that he will see people that he had not seen in a while and enjoy the evening.

Lo and behold the announcement came for a minute of silence for Maurice and others who died at the fort.

Sir, I must let it be known that my uncle represents the people who had to flee from Grenada as a result of mistreatment during the Revolution, which was led by Maurice Bishop.

My take is that it was insensitive on the part of who ever made that decision. So I decided to look deeper and Mr Prime Minister, you are young and bright; but open your eyes and avoid allowing people to cut course for you to follow.

You are entitled to your opinions and even your personal agenda, but when you are representing the government – I think you should be more careful.

Hurt Grenadian