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Support for Fr Paul

I am a member of the Holy Family Catholic Church community in River Sallee, St. Patrick, Grenada, and am deeply concerned about the recent treatment of events involving our parish priest, Fr. Paul.

In light of recent developments involving our Bishop Clyde Harvey and parish priest Fr. Paul, it has become evident that Fr. Paul has continued to face unjust treatment. As a member of the Holy Family Catholic Church community, I cannot stand idly by while our parish priest faces such unfairness. It is my duty to stand in solidarity with Fr. Paul and ensure that justice prevails.

Therefore, I wish to inform the general public that I stand in full solidarity with Fr. Paul. I encourage the general public to join me in standing with Fr. Paul as we move forward to petition for the removal of Clyde Harvey as Bishop with immediate effect.

I believe that Fr. Paul deserves our unwavering support during this challenging time. Fr. Paul has tirelessly served our parish and community, and I am committed to standing by him until justice is served.

As a church community, we are prepared to take further steps to demonstrate our support for Fr. Paul and our beliefs. I remain steadfast in my resolve to uphold the principles of justice and fairness within our church community.

 A True Believer