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Sugar Bowl is indeed the sweetest spot

It was a cold, rainy kind of day. A few friends and I ventured from St George to the village of Requin in St. David where we were going to spend the day with a friend of ours. Shortly after our arrival, it began to rain heavily. Our host suggested that after lunch we visit a nearby bar to drink and play a few games to pass away the evening until it was time to go home.

We got there at least an hour before the scheduled opening time, yet the hostess was gracious enough to open the doors just to accommodate us. That was how I met Barbara, the owner, and proprietress of the ever-popular SUGAR BOWL BAR.

She quipped that she started doing business “since school days”. Having been brought up by a Great Aunt who was a shrewd businesswoman, she opted to follow in her footsteps. Starting with a tiny shop whose structure still stands today as a testimony to how far she has come through persistence and good business etiquette.

Barbara is a woman of many talents. Though the SUGAR BOWL has been in operation since 2006, and she is a full-time mom of several children, she still found the time to take on masquerade bands with activities starting from June leading up to carnival.

This is something she has been doing since 2008. I discovered that the first band she organised was called “NEW BROOM SWEEP CLEAN”. The name was derived from the fact that it was a new band, and she was determined to “sweep them clean!”

The SUGAR BOWL features a spacious bar, equipped with a large area for dancing or other activities. There is comfortable seating available for patrons who wish to enjoy games of cards or dominos as they sip on their drink of choice. The sound system is crystal clear, and the DJ is ready to play any tune you request.

SUGAR BOWL features a very clean washroom complete with amenities such as a face basin etc. Apart from the regular activities one can find at any bar, there is also a much-anticipated karaoke session which features on the first Friday of each month. Finger-licking chicken and chips along with other mouthwatering dishes such as souse and barbecue are all part of the menu most days.

An added attraction to the SUGAR BOWL comes in the form of a roof garden area where Patrons can be treated to a panoramic view of the surrounding neighbourhood. Relaxing in comfort to watch the sunset or enjoy the peaceful tranquility that the area has to offer.

The entire experience was indeed pleasurable, and the benevolence of the hostess was just an added incentive. We left there and journeyed back to St. George as a well-satisfied group. Though our homeward destinations differed, we shared one common census.

The SUGAR BOWL, you are indeed the sweetest spot! We are coming back soon!

Patricia Gairy