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St Mark MP should go

Minister Clarice Modeste has outlived her usefulness.

Does borrowing money from the Chinese to expand the MBIA in this covidious time make any sense? It is like lighting a $20.00 bill to look for a dime and this project should be put on hold for now.

Giving the assurance that Grenada would be able to finance this debt is questionable while creating a debt trap for China to take over our (MBIA) airport.

She has failed with the Fowl Farm and the Shrimp Farm in St. Mark and recently suggesting that we stay away from our beaches to give exclusivity to visitors.

It is time for Clarice Modeste to go. She is too patronising to the foreigners and has been successful in achieving not even one serious project for the people of St. Mark all this time in government.

Everything she touched has turned to naught and something is definitely wrong with her thinking. While other countries are locking down and imposing stiffer protocols due to climbing Covid-19 cases, Clarice wants Grenada to open up to possibly import the virus.

Time to go Clarice, You’re useless!

Country Girl

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