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“Shameful and embarrassing”

Cruise ships range in size and capacity from about 100 to about 6,000 passengers with the average cruise ship carrying about 3,000 passengers.

A very small cruise liner approached the Government of Grenada requesting that, in exchange for docking fees and a guaranteed spend of $4,000 US per week, they would like to have exclusive use of one of our beaches.

The fact that the government found such a proposal to be worth considering and actually presented it at a post-cabinet press conference suggests that there is a lack of vision, ideas and leadership in the country.

The proposal by the cruise liner is arrogant and insulting. But the fact that the GoG is considering it is shameful and embarrassing.

An offer of $100,000 US towards upgrading the hospital would probably be worth considering but $4,000 US in purchases per week should have been rejected without any further discussions.

This offer equates to 4 cents per person per week. Are we that desperate?

By the way, how would the government know for sure if the cruise liner actually spent the $4,000 each week?

On a separate subject, I believe that it was just a couple weeks ago that one of the news headlines was “PM to meet with Permanent Secretaries”. Is that really news?

I do not understand why a meeting between the Prime Minister and the Permanent Secretaries would be headline news. Shouldn’t the PM be meeting with his department managers on a regular basis just like most effective executives meet with their 2nd and even 3rd level managers on a regular basis?

Folks, if you pray, please pray for Grenada. Things are becoming desperate.

The Patriot

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