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Shame on him

My boy Allie – this is Terry Registe speaking to you.

Do you remember what we spoke about when Keith Claudius Mitchell attacked you in Snug Corner in the 2018 general election and changed your name to Arlene?

You told me that your mother christened you as ALLIE DOWDEN, but that man changed your name in the same Snug Corner junction right where you went last week and joined up with the same Keith Mitchell and Nimrod, the NNP candidate.

You told me: “I was ashamed, embarrassed and hurt.” But look at you now on that same spot praising Keith Mitchell and his party.

Can you imagine the same Allie Dowden is on the NNP stage praising a party that he ran against twice in the St. George North-west for the NDC. What a shame!!!

Allie, please don’t forget that you ran on the NDC ticket but was never a favourite in the village you came from.

Going now on Nimrod’s platform speaks volume about your character. We know that even your neighbours never voted for you because they don’t trust you.

They say that you are dysfunctional just like your relatives that you scorn.

Imagine your aunt is at home suffering while you end up on the NNP platform. Your cousin held a cutlass to her throat but you on the NNP platform. You feel that your chest is bigger now than everybody’s own in the village but you are a low-down, shame and disgrace to so many people now.

The people always talk about it – you jump on the bus, sit without even saying hello to your neighbours. You used the NDC name to make a living, collecting donations and contributions.

Have you paid all who you owe? What about the people’s rent, and the people who lent you money?

Allie, just eat NNP food and con them. Shameless boy. Stueps.

The amount of things Allie/Arlene Dowden said about that man Keith Mitchell and his party are just too much to write about but all I can say now is all the best Arlene – you are in safe hands.

Terrie Registe