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Sexual misconduct by senior officers of RGPF

As a mother of two female police officers in RGPF I am appalled by the series of reports now making their way in the public domain in recent weeks.

I have always been worried as to whether I made the right decision to encourage my daughters to enlist in the RGPF a few years ago. I have in the early days of their training been informed of the many incidents of sexual misconduct by senior instructors at the training school where many incidents took place time and time again.

It was not surprising when the recent series of reports by frustrated female officers complaining of the disgust regarding the sexual misconduct of higher echelon of officers who most have their wives at home.

I must applaud the courage of those who came forward and those who are thinking of doing so. I encourage all of them who may have experienced this and is a victim of this unwanted act of cruelty by those who are expected to protect our women to come forward and report it.

It is time that these senior officers demonstrate the level of respect as required by our laws regarding women. It must be noted that most if not all of the commissioners since the fall of the revolution should take their share of blame for the chronic sex problem the RGPF now faced.

The state must put a stop to this once and for all to prevent it from being endemic in the RGPF.

The women’s group of Grenada, NGO’s and the general public must do everything in their power to address this issue in order to protect our women with their sacrifice in making their contribution to the country.

Point to note is the Friday, May 6th 2022 article on THE NEW TODAY referring to the Traffic Warden and the sexually explicit photos exchanged with a senior member of the High Command. What a national shame!!!

Whoever is involved in this act, both parties should be seen by the Commissioner of Police and immediately sent on leave to allow for an investigation.

Women of the country must rally and support our women of the force and call for a day of protest against sexual harassment of women in the RGPF.

It is also interesting, having listened to the recent press conference called by the COP Edvin Martin, I as a mother of two female police officers, have some doubts about the sincerity and truthfulness of the COP statements as follows:-

(1). Why the COP failed to accept that an independent investigation is necessary?

(2). Why the COP seems to be so nervous and panicky during the conference?

(3). Why didn’t the COP allow Michael Francois to answer the question regarding his personal accumulated annual leave?

(4). Why did the COP established a committee comprising only female?

(5) Why would he be so selective in his picks?

The Commissioner of Police must do the ethical thing and come clean with the public and tell it all as to what exactly he knows about the High Command sexually harassing female officers in the force even in their offices.

The COP must tell the public who are the senior officers involved in the exchange of explicit photos with the famous Warden at the Traffic Department in Grenville Police Station.

The COP must understand that his role as Chief of Police is paramount and he must steer the peoples’ force with dignity and pride.

So far, I will continue to support my two girls but they already told me they are looking for a way out especially after they went to the recent meeting at the Trade Center.

The general feeling of the meeting attendees is that the meeting was empty and gave no hope for the future and dealing with the crisis at hand.

My daughters are now frustrated and told me they believe that the credibility of the RGPF is at its lowest since this present COP took the chair.

We all may recall that during the past two or so years, there were reported sexual misconduct at several of the police stations like Gouyave, Union, Sauteurs, St. David’s and SSU compound where the then Commander, a Superintendent of Police was the culprit.

It is clear that senior officers have a sex problem and it is worst at the High Command level. I will wait to see what happens and advise my girls accordingly if they should stay or leave the RGPF.

The COP must apologise to the junior male officers of the force since he made it look at the press conference that they were the focus and not the seniors as reported.

TO THE MINISTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY, the female officers of the RGPF are calling on you to address the problem and rid the RGPF from all those sex predators for they are believing to be all sitting at the top and looking down like an eagle for their next victim.

Mr PM, you must remember we rely heavily on US and UN support with whom we have agreements for violence against women.