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Sexual harassment in RGPF

It is with regret that I have to write to express my dissatisfaction with the manner in which the RGPF engages with the media. Prior to the June 23rd general elections, the public was constantly appealing to the Commissioner of Police to provide answers on a number of topics which to date have not been forthcoming.

There are numerous instances when the media posed questions directly to the COP and they are yet to be answered. It is now nearing seven months and the situation is getting worse.

The current situation which exists in the police force is not a factor to encourage progress and many of the former Prime Minister’s surrogates are causing problems, some are preparing to leave, while some may already have left.

When factions of the RGPF, supported by and influenced by NNP losers are in key positions of the force, we may continue to see the laissez-faire body of enforcers sitting and complaining all the time.

It is time for Mr. PM to get things on track in the RGPF – things are taking too long to get the foundation of the country in order. If things do not change for the better soon, we should not go asking why crimes are on the rise.

What are we getting in return for the country when compared to all the salaries we are paying in RGPF? Is the police force a medium to collect free money? We must not allow it to be classified as the SEED program.

It was announced that a female Senior Superintendent was appointed by the Commissioner to look into allegations of sexual harassment by senior officers.

However, we should not forget that the COP choose to mention a few cases in which junior officers were arrested for sexual offences but the public is still awaiting that report from the female Superintendent and her team.

It is also alleged that a senior superintendent has been heavily criticizing the St. John’s MP openly at a particular station, and giving out information to a son-in-law regarding exams that the officer was responsible to keep a secret.

It is also alleged that a big NNP operative on the Police Promotion board along with other NNP supporters are making the selection on who to be promoted.

Mr. PM, this situation is a recipe for trouble for the NDC. Take note that many police officers are already seeking legal advice just in case they are disadvantaged by the Promotion Board.

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Police officers are saying that there is a move to promote someone who did not sit the exams as a Sergeant to ASP. If this is allowed to happen, Tafawa Pierre will look like a king. Why are all those NNP supporters still sitting in the confines of the FIU?

Do you expect anything will happen when it comes to investigating NNP wrongdoers? NNP and its supporters are already saying, nothing will happen as their man will protect them. If a man does not trust himself, how can you trust him, Mr. PM?

Mr. PM, the members of the force are complaining that after almost two years, promotion is still pending and like it is under Covid-19 lockdown.

Mr. PM, the force is the pillar of stability and the longer you linger the more we suffer in the country.

The police need to be regularised and equipped to do the job so let’s get going because investors are watching and waiting.

This thing about sexual offences in the RGPF will not change when those who are required to change it, are the ones doing it.

It is being whispered that a Corporal of police who was dismissed by the COP appealed his rulings, putting forward grounds which further implicated some top seniors’ officers with sexual misconduct.

It is alleged that the Corporal hinted that he is prepared to tell it all when he gets his final ruling and pointed to two incidents, one with a Rural Constable at the South St. George Police Station who was moved to St David’s and the warden in Grenville who was involved in the exchange of inappropriate communication with a big chief on the fort.

In the latest Sexual harassment news, a senior officer in South is implicated in something with a vulnerable Imani in recent times.

Is the COP telling the public that Khaki clothes officers are deemed juniors if they commit offences like sexual harassment?

Mr. PM, if things continue like this and nothing is done to ease this chronic disease in the RGPF, what will become of society?

All these activities may be the sign of bad practices of supervision and management by those responsible.

Take note Mr. PM and please release the transformational changes directed to the RGPF.

Concern Citizen