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Serious threat to the new administration

The Immigration Department is supposed to be a security arm of the state but with the continued leadership of the man who came back out from leave, this is very questionable.

The ASP was far more security conscious than him and he was transferred.

This department is seen as a political arm of the former regime with several political activists still operating within the department.

We are calling for the immediate removal of certain persons in the department and a complete overhaul of the operations of the staff.

There is a lot of maneuvering taking place in RGPF between the NNP infrastructure among the NNP surrogates who are still in charge of some of the key areas of security in the country.

Take a look at places like Central, CID, SSU, Prosecution, FIU, PHQ, Gouyave/Western Division all three there – Supt., ASP and Inspector are NNP and very resentful against the MP, St David’s police station the PM constituency.

This must be addressed and with urgency. This is high risk and a serious threat to the new administration.

Police Insider