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Sad state of affairs!!!

It would appear that someone has at long last convinced the Prime Minister that the Health Service has almost, if not hit rock bottom.

Say what you may it was evident that the administrators in that service as well as in the private sector, by and large, were not able to cause him to accept that the nation was suffering since he was not acceding to requests which were necessary to at least in part alleviate the sufferings caused mainly by the lack of properly trained and adequate amount of persons to take the place of those who were forced out.

As a result, the Minister of Health recently acknowledged the grave situation and has accepted in part responsibility for the situation and has informed the nation that government is in the process of recruiting a number of nurses from Cuba, among them some who are specially trained in areas where we are lacking in Grenada.

See what we have come to because the Prime Minister wants to commander every aspect of the lives of our people, preying especially on the vulnerable.

Some of our dedicated professionals were removed and placed as it were in a corner or forced to leave despite repeated complaints and warnings which were ignored, so most of the nightingales, renowned for their efficiency started moving out.

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Those who remained became more frustrated which were manifested in their performances hence the Prime Minister has recently pleaded with them to assist each other to overcome their frustrations and hardship, while all the NNP PARLIAMENTARIANS DID NOT HAVE THE GALL TO SAY TO THE PM ENOUGH IS

The School of Nursing which was doing a good job of training nurses over the years was done away with without any proper replacement, unlike the Police Training School, which trains and recruits every year to replace those who have left or otherwise is retained.

In recent times, we have been hearing of the plight of dialysis patients – what about the huge amount of cancer patients? How many trained nurses have we in that field to attend to us? If I was to attempt to guess one or two and who knows soon we may lose them if we have not lost one already?

How long are we going to put up with this and the many other burning issues among them – the bad condition of so many schools plus the lack of supplies/equipment which will enable the teachers to perform better if made available?

God help us.

Simeon Green