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Sabotage within Education

The Education system is not like the education system 30 years ago. Teachers today are teaching children with more behavioural problems, haunted by the specter of violence, and harassed by increasingly angry parents.

Today’s educators are navigating the threat of school violence and intensifying political interference in their lesson plans – all while their wages remain stagnant.

Sabotage within education is destructive and could impact emotional or mental health. Persons within the Ministry who sabotage individuals disrupt or destroy another person’s work so that people cannot complete an academic activity successfully.

Ministry officials undermine teachers’ authority. Teachers should be given power and mentored on how to use it. Why would the Ministry of Education force teacher compliance with fear of losing one’s job?

You cannot improve education by scaring teachers into feeling powerless. It is not only teachers who will suffer but all of our students and eventually all of us. Parents and teachers are already reporting increasing anxiety in (themselves and) their children.

You cannot educate children to be clear-thinking, independently-minded, responsible citizens by undermining and sabotaging a teacher’s sense of creativity, independence, and security.

The Government of Grenada needs to create new policies for culprits sabotaging teachers within the education system. Sabotage in schools can be devastating for productivity. Workplace sabotage is undesirable since it significantly harms job performance and morale.

Employers and colleagues must recognise when sabotage is present before it damages productivity and morale. However, the Ministry of Education is the one sabotaging employees. How daunting!

It is time that the Ministry of Education put proper plans and structures in place to prevent the sabotage of workers and that all workers understand what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t, as well as the consequences of unacceptable actions.

A clear set of rules will help reduce any confusion or uncertainty that could lead to sabotage. Employers must enforce policies and protocols to prevent workplace sabotage to discourage anyone from engaging in any further sabotage.

Workers should feel comfortable expressing their issues to their employers so that they don’t have to keep their frustrations or reactions inside and instead can respond constructively.

Many ministry officials and principals need training in conflict resolution techniques. In that way, they can identify and address disputes constructively. By teaching them these skills, they will be better able to handle disagreements in the workplace and prevent them from escalating into sabotage.

The Government of Grenada should set clear objectives for everyone in the schools. Nepotism is on the rise in Grenada. For example, some teachers get away with issues while others are punished.

Sabotage in schools should be addressed and the principals should act fairly with everyone within the system letting all teachers know that such behaviour will not be tolerated, and enforcing consequences when rules are violated.

Protecting the education system is of uttermost importance from costly damages or other legal ramifications associated with this malicious activity.

The Maximum Teacher