Run around by the police!!!

It is with great sadness that I have to report a matter that I have to let the public know of a matter with the RGPF that occurred more than a year ago in Grenville and little or nothing was done by our RGPF whose mantra is “To Serve and Protect”.

In this matter I was party to a “Break -In and Entry” in which I lost more than a thousand dollars and no one was punished although we knew who did the Break- in and entry.

A written Statement was given. Fingerprints were taken within 24 hours of the incident and so on.

For some reason the RGPF who knows that in an “ Indictable Matter” action must be done within (90) ninety days of the date of the incident or “Statute of Limitation” would occur – No one from the RGPF Administration acted.

By the way, I only learnt of this Policy a few days ago after persistent enquiries in which I was given a “ RUN Around”.

It is my hope that all citizens must know that the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has this Policy that I did not know of and many persons may not know this also.

I am NOT pointing fingers at any one but Grenadians need to know this Policy.

Dr. E.Reginald Buckmire, MBE

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