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Return the peace

After months of peace, the area known as 4-Roads has once again begun to be uneasy.

About two weeks ago, the troublemakers got into a disturbance – the family of 3 Brothers and 1 nephew.

It seems like that particular family doesn’t want peace in the country as they are the real troublemakers. A resident of St. John’s Street in a corner doing a hustle said gunshots rang out after 10.00 on a recent Friday night at 4-Roads and he moved inside the house immediately.

Not more than an hour passed and more gun shots with those responsible cursing and swearing. There is no police patrols seen in the Town and the Prime Minister lives just higher up the road.

Time to stop that type of misconduct. Time for the Police High Command to act. It’s not like NNP time when these people could just disrupt an entire area with their violence and nothing is done about it.

Did Physical Planning authorise that shack used as a cover up years now? Don’t forget the constructor of that thing is behind prison walls and another person plies the heavy stuff trade as seen by John public where vagrants visit regularly to get the white powder?

Well, well, like dem police stop preventing crimes and the bad boys own the town.

Time to take control of our country. Time for squatters and limers to be put under control. Every day, all day, that area is infested with idlers.

Sunday to Sunday little boys lime there and are not afraid to light up their thing. New students, and school dropouts come into the area for “the thing.”

It’s a shame all because this shack is open and the peddlers ply their trade 24 hours a day. It’s a new era. NNP is no longer there in the office and something must be done.

After all, no one knows who their stray bullets will hit. So, Edvin Martin, do the job. Prime Minister, please save the area and help return the 3 months of peace that was being enjoyed.

One family and a shack should not be allowed to create havoc in the town, not just on 4-Roads but Jam Rock too.

The Crusader