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Response to Lalu Hanuman

Dear Lalu Hanuman,

Re: Secretary of the Caribbean Against Apartheid in Palestine:

I encourage you to read the two other articles I have written on the matter between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel- the only Jewish state in this world. (Questionable Palestinian Envoy to the Caribbean Accepted as Diplomat to Grenada and Nakba? Whose Catastrophe? Grenada Votes in U.N. for Nakba Day Commemoration).

I encourage you also to provide evidence of this perceived apartheid because quoting Nelson Mandela is not evidence relevant to anything I have mentioned. The story of Nelson Mandela and South Africa is a story, not of triumph of justice, but of a deteriorating nation.

Nelson Mandela, who you seem to admire, was allied with the world’s worst human rights abusers. Cue Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, and Libya. If he valued his nation and not power, perhaps South Africa could have been a nation where all citizens have access to the benefits of their country, no matter how their parents and grandparents treated the parents and grandparents of those who do not look like them.

You said, “the Grenadian government far from being condemned for its stance against apartheid in Palestine, ought to be applauded to the utmost.” How is Grenada voting for the ICJ to investigate and weigh in on the Israeli ‘occupation’ and ‘annexation’ on December 30th, 2022, standing against apartheid when that apartheid cannot be proven?

Let us not forget that the reason Israel is now in charge of the Judaea and Samaria (West Bank) region is because they were invaded by Egypt, Syria, and Jordan in June 1967. After winning the war in six days and conquering land (Including the Sinai Peninsula which they returned to Egypt), Israel held out for Arab recognition of its right to exist, and kept Judaea, Samaria, and Gaza (Arab lands taken in the war) until the Arab nations had face-to-face talks with them.

They never did, and so the lands in Judaea and Samaria remain in Israeli possession (Israel unilaterally left Gaza in 2005).

Nevertheless, Israel has conceded to divide Judaea and Samaria (West Bank) into several sections: A (controlled by the PA), B (under joint control), and C (controlled by Israel) in the Oslo Accords II of 1995.

The Palestinians still build in Israeli Area C and use the lands under their control for terrorist actions and not for nation building activities. Israel has already offered the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem to ‘Palestine’ (in 2000 and 2008) and the PA has refused.

According to Mosab Hassan Yousef, a Palestinian hero, former member of the terrorist group Hamas, and the son of one of its founders, the PA (Palestinian Authority) is a self-imposed, dictatorial, abusive regime. Having grown up and lived in Ramallah, a city in Judea and Samaria (West Bank), and having been a member of Hamas (a group that swears to destroy Israel) he has intimate insight, which you lack, I might add, into the ‘Palestinian plight.’

He has said, truthfully, that the Palestinian problem is the fault of, not Israel, but the self-appointed PA, which misleads the international community and Palestinian society into believing that Israel is responsible for the problems they created.

The UN supports the PA ruse, the kleptocratic dictator Mahmoud Abbas, the terrorist group Hamas, and the numerous tyrants in the UN, yet it is set to investigate false claims of apartheid in Judea and Samaria (West Bank).

The PA captures Palestinian students from campuses and tortures them in their jails, gets rich off aid money, uses it to fund terrorism against Israel, and tortures its political rivals. Without Israel, they have no one to blame their atrocities against their own people committed to aid their selfish political interests.

Regardless of the UN position, to quote Israel’s Ambassador to the UN: “No international body can decide that the Jewish people are ‘occupiers’ in their own homeland. Any decision from a judicial body which receives its mandate from the morally bankrupt and politicised UN is completely illegitimate. The Palestinians have rejected every peace initiative while supporting and inciting terror. Instead of pushing the Palestinians to change, the UN is doing the opposite: helping them to harm the only vibrant democracy in the Middle East.”

Do not forget, Mr. Hanuman that the land was originally owned by the Jews, and was colonised by the Arabs for nearly thirteen centuries, during which the land was made desolate. Israel’s deed and plan is in the Bible, and regardless of your professed atheism, the Bible’s authenticity as a Jewish historical document that attests to their ownership of the land, is true.

Your quoting of Nelson Mandela does not cancel the truth, and merely seeks to obscure it. The facts that I have presented in my two previous articles have not been denied by you, which leads me to query, if you cannot counter my facts, why do you deny what I have said and call me ignorant?

I understand the technique at work – in the absence of counterevidence you attack my character. If I have spoken truthfully, then why do you defend an indefensible cause? The lives of the Palestinians living in either Gaza or the West Bank (Judaea and Samaria) are not only supported by the UN, but by the EU, which I have mentioned previously.

Their monetary lack and often squalid living conditions are due to the fraudulent, kleptocratic tendencies of all the ‘Palestinian Presidents’, not Israeli corruption. Therefore, the Palestinian plight cannot be solved by attacking Israel, and can only be solved by dealing with the corrupt PA.

For a lawyer, jurisprudence behoves you to follow the evidence and to demonstrate a sense of justice, regardless if those involved are Jewish or Palestinian.

Zara Chase