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Reaction from interCaribbean Airways

Dear Editor

We note your article on the services of LIAT and the agency who we assumed was interviewed for the article. It is not our position to critique the service of another airline, or comment on the elements raised in the agency views.

At interCaribbean we have entered the Eastern Caribbean this last year in August, 2020 during the Pandemic and the lock down or semi lock down right after opening, and establishing travel bubbles that quickly fell apart, of many of these countries as we offered new service.

While we have stayed the course over the time since, despite most of these new to us countries changing its entry rules and or quarantine requirements causing greater hardship on travel, that aby business traffic all but dried up, and tourism or leisure traffic became limited.

Despite the costs for traveler, the greater cost to us as an airline with fewer travelers, we have stayed the course. We are a private company, not a public company, we have seen no subsidies in any way over the last year, and it is a testament to our determination to deliver on our slogan – Connecting you and the Caribbean.

The article end with a somewhat pointed critique of interCaribbean (please note how brand spelling here)….. “Inter-Caribbean has entered the market in the Eastern Caribbean but its flights have been described as too far and in between in the various islands”.

It is not understood what this criticism mans. interCaribbean operates to more destinations across the entire Caribbean than any government or other airline. We do have some gaps in our service to be restored that are tied to the basic issues of countries continuing to change their entry requirements and in some cases create outright denial of entry to certain nationalities or those come from a specific country.

The fact is that those same travelers we must deny, are simply taking a flight via third point to get to the country while we are having to deny those travelers yet the country in question cannot explain its own rules or clear up why those same travelers making an identical journey with us must be denied.

So as a company that must continue to deal with these types of issues, restoring service has to be about being able to offer the travel and make it make sense for the company economically.

Our services in connecting the Caribbean offers more frequencies to more places than the Caribbean region has ever enjoyed, so thus I take issue with the comments. If it is to compare our services against LIAT, then the only differences in these services might be frequency.

For perspective the year of 2020 ended with a global view of recorded information showed the industry as losing 60% of its business, so in other words all airlines at best flew 50% of 2019 traffic. It was not much different for us, but we are trending towards a recovery, as the markets reopen, as the Vaccine effect kicks in.

We welcome journalists to publish their views, we welcome that if you are to quote us, or to quote our services, perhaps we can be given the opportunity to respond, or offer inputs, or in the case here correct the information to something that might be clear.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would be happy to call and discuss with you, who we are, what is our vision of the Caribbean, and what we are doing more than any airline to make connectivity in the Caribbean a reality.

Trevor N. Sadler
interCaribbean Airways