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Rape: An historic weapon

Rape: A definition? Do we really need one? Force used by one person against another resulting in intercourse and any other sexual interaction not accepted-wanted by the other.

In the past, from the times of Genghis Khan to present day, the act of rape has become a weapon of the invader, oppressor and tyrant. Khan’s armies used rape as a means to bring unruly villagers or city dwellers under control. He would often joke to his men about how many thousands of his men’s bastards were born to those they ruled.

Rape and pillage was the anthem of many an army thoughout the centuries. Raping their opponents’ women and men created several problems for the oppressed. Their men were humiliated and dishonored. Mongol children were born in a nation where they could one day ride and fight for a Mongol Khan.

The women’s presence caused further problems, as their former partners often treated them as unwanted people, humiliated and unclean as well. The oppressed society was torn asunder, families dissolving, and morally at fault, as it could not defend and protect their most weak.

It is believed that the Khans’ invented this methodology of psychologically wounding their opponents. Transmitting fear onto a community is what many tyrants imagine rape should be used for.

In Medieval times the brother, father or male relative of a woman recently widowed would offer to become her protector or even husband. This was an important issue, as widows were often left to care for themselves in a society with no financial or physical protection of such a woman or her children.

Many women were officially raped by said protectors, and this action was most likely accepted by the Church. More powerful men could with no accountability rape any woman or young man as they desired. Wealth and power outweigh the moral and religious imperative. One Cardinal of Rome raped over a dozen women, siring dozens of children.

Once someone is raped, a process begins for the raped, but not for those who rape. If you consider the type of person who would rape another, one can imagine a very weak, lustful individual, wanting power and significance from another.

Rape can be about sex, but forcing the other becomes the main thrill for a rapist. I have met many rapists in prison. They are as different as you and I, but they all share certain qualities.

Rapists can be like you or I, not strange or abnormal in appearance or action. They try to appear as important, strong and powerful people.

* They will look for someone who appears to be weak, easily controlled.

* They exhibit feelings of inferiority, and do not know how to provoke desire within another for them.

* They lack most forms of empathy towards another. No thought to the consequences of an assault upon another, to the victim or themselves.

* They may have no training in understanding sexuality. Being a victim of abuse themselves.

* They believe they have the right to be aggressive, violent and rape another.

* Rapists have a tendency towards being gamblers, throwing everything to the wind. They are not Mentally Ill, and believe themselves above society’s moral, ethical law.

* They evade responsibility for the rape and blame the victim.

* Whether they are psychopaths or normal criminals, human in every way except for their desires to lord it over another.

Rape is being used as a military and psychological tool within the Russo-Ukrainian conflict today. Russian soldiers enter villages and towns gathering all men and boys. They then visit each cottage and rape the women there. Imagine the thoughts of these ladies and girls and later that of their male loved ones. Mental illness, depression and suicide often follow.

Russian soldiers have been told to do this by their officers because it will make the soldiers feel powerful, and allow them to exact vengeance upon their foe. Systematic rape programs have been used by many armies throughout history to some effect.

Rapists in China are met with a bullet in the back of the head, with the bill for the bullet sent to their family. Muslim Nations stone, behead, kill their rapists. Western Nations have been advised by psychologists and therapists that rape is to be treated as mental illness ultimately jailing many thousands for this crime, often with no mental health assistance offered to them.

Men and women often are psychologically persuaded through the use of pornography or the stories told to them within the cultures they live in that having sex, making love, and gratifying oneself can be forced upon another.

Pornography presents situations where the prey forces themselves upon another with the ultimate satisfaction of the victim clearly on their face for all to see. “I did not want this to happen, but damn it was good”.

A mental picture is presented to the viewer showing them that sex is good, and can be fulfilling without receiving the other participants approval. Porn is a videoed entertainment, cartoons, graphics and pictorials presenting to an audience wishing to be there, a world without limits, an unnatural world.

The sex fiend finds this satisfying, and attempts to apply it to their present day experience. Chaos can and does follow. Pornography often presents viewers with a message that incest, forced sex, deception of another are all ok, allowable.

Ever felt like you had been assaulted (raped) by something the media presented, a concept or idea so harsh, difficult to mentally manage?

The very action of an assault or rape beats the victim down mentally, physically and social as well. There is a powerful stigma attached to the actions of a rape. The victim’s emotional and psychological state of mind can be unalterable, unthinkable and forever damaged. That is what rape does whether it be a Woman or Male as a victim, it makes living a challenge.

The questions from the authorities, family and society wanting to know what happened and why will forever be within the victim’s memory.

How can a victim rehabilitate themselves? They often cannot not, needing a helping hand, open mind & heart of a professional or family member. Rape victims often separate themselves from their common place society, seeking a space that can assure them of safety from others.

They seek isolation, the one thing that can allow them to pursue negative solutions to their problems such as addiction, self-harm or suicide. A simple hug, conversation and charitable efforts, listening always is what is needed.

I wish we lived in a world where such harmful actions did not happen and those who prey upon others can seek help before they pounce. “Wishes are only granted in fairy tales” (Simone Elkeles). Society must protect its members from acts of violence whether it be from someone they know, strangers or advancing armies.

“Many who live deserve to die. And some who die deserve to live. Can you decide for them? Then do not be too eager to deal out punishment or judgment, for even the very wise cannot see all ends (answers) RR Tolkien-lord of the rings.

A writer’s perspective telling us there are no real answers to many of our questions, but being human assures us that there are others who love and care for us, and stand with us against the storm of criminality and fear.

Steven Kasab
Bradford, Ontario