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Randall is confused

Ha, ha.

The Randall Robinson issue is all over Grenada again, this not anything new that is hard to judge.

It’s a straight case and easy to judge, you don’t have to go to no law school to say you are guilty of the fact and please go, but he would not do it on his own.

He is waiting for the Executive to push him as they did to Chess and Pedro, so he could have an excuse like both of them and go and join Keith Mitchell.

I said it before and I will say it again, I don’t trust that guy after I had a chat with him in late August when Randall told me that Kem Jones and Ashida Charles must have respect for the Prime Minister of Grenada and put it up on Facebook that he doesn’t care.

This same Randall cannot remember when the Prime Minister called two of his party candidates in woman’s name – I know a lot of Grenadian might forget but I will bring back all your memories.

At a public meeting in Snug Corner one night, we heard Keith saying, look at Arlene Dowden from Mt. Moritz and Theresa Andrews from Carriacou.

Randall, tell me was that respect laid out to these two young men and many more others that the PM called nasty names. I wonder if Randall did jump up on his Facebook page and condemn that behaviour of Keith Mitchell?

The same Randall is now posing and taking a photo with the Prime Minister in Tempe pasture and putting it up on his Facebook page for the world to see.

Randall – what do you want from Keith? For someone to congratulate you on their Facebook page for the good Covid work you are doing? If so, you could have come by me and I would have done it for you.

Randall reminds me of a woman who operate a booth on the bus terminus in St. George’s a few years ago.

The NDC had a public meeting on the Carenage in the town of St. George where Pedro was controlling, and she paid someone to make a big cardboard key and presented it to Pedro on stage, and said to him, “This is the key to the capital St .George, Lock it, Don’t let the Prime Minister come in here, he is too bad minded.”

Now since Dickon Mitchell became Leader of the NDC party, every day now you could see her with a NNP T-shirt on her body selling for Grenadians in her booth on the terminus and throwing words for all those who she knows are NDC supporters.

It’s amazing. And finally I listened to one in an interview on The Narrative saying, he will be resigning from the NDC to do community work with his brother in the St George North-east constituency.

My question to him: If Nazim Burke, who you claim you love so much, was the political leader of NDC now, would you have resigned and gone with your brother and do community work?

But let us wish him well and do not throw money talk or stones in his face.

NDC Watchman