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Radix has the worst potholes in St George North East

I am writing to draw the public’s attention to the fact that I have written by email to our Member of Parliament Ron Redhead on behalf of the residents of Radix Avenue, Radix, Mt. Parnassus about an extremely large and dangerous pothole in our road also; the condition of drains that are clogged up with vegetation that impedes surface water flow and so far, the MP has failed to respond.

Since writing to the Member of Parliament the situation on the ground has gotten much worse and now Radix can claim to have the worst potholes in the constituency.

Surface water flows across the road as a result of overgrown vegetation making things even worse for motorists as well as pedestrians. Poor maintenance or lack of it.

The failure of the government and in particular our parliamentary representative to respond to what is a simple basic request by members of the community for which he is supposed to serve, clearly displays a certain arrogance and contempt by Ron Redhead which is likely to be at his own peril.

Winston Strachan
Radix Avenue, Radix
Mt. Parnassus