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Rachel Roberts is still the best choice

Next Tuesday’s Public Workers Union (PWU) elections could be one of the most important since the years of the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG). I remember the PRG supported a slate of candidates to contest the elections in the early 80s and how it aroused a massive turn out of workers to support the authentic workers.

None of the current slate of candidates is known to be overzealous political hawks, however, several have not demonstrated that they have the capacity to come face-to-face with the anti-worker Keith Mitchell Government, which is bent on rendering the workers movement impotent.

The contest for the Presidency of the Public Workers Union is a three-way battle. The incumbent Rachel Roberts and challengers Arthur Pierre and the media star, Brian Grimes.

Workers ought not to take the election of the President and other officers lightly. You ought to ignore friendship and personality and vote for the best candidates.

PWU, GUT and TAWU are the main pillars of the workers’ movement in Grenada. History will show that the three and the once mighty Seamen and Waterfront Workers Union have been the vanguard of protecting workers benefit.

Dr. Mitchell’s NNP is all about crippling the strength of workers. Prime Minister Mitchell has done more damage to workers than any other leader in Grenada’s history. Mitchell is the pioneer of reducing the public service to contract labour and ensuring that the worker on contract becomes subservient to his NNP. You either demonstrate loyalty or suffer the consequences of no contract renewal

Keith Mitchell has absolutely no intention of fixing the People’s Revolutionary Government’s revocation of public workers constitutional pension. Mitchell has the capacity to identify the weakest leaders and subdue them into inactivity.

Public Workers, of the three candidates on show Rachel Roberts has demonstrated the depth and the strength to stand up to a determined Government. Re-elect Rachel Roberts and rebuild your union.

Brian Grimes is the most likeable union face on TV, but listen to what he says – generally, a tame leader who seems afraid of the political director and will make the accommodation to have a quick settlement.

Keith Mitchell relishes such a personality in the presidency. Arthur Pierre lacks the experience in this period to entrust one of the largest unions in his hand. He does not have the spirit to fight and is much too weak and fragile.

Rachel is brave and knowledgeable and is the best candidate in this period when workers need strong union representation. She comes in the spirit of the late Lauret Clarkson as well as Madonna Harford, two of the outstanding women Presidents of the union.

Public Workers, this union election is about rebuilding with new talents. Sweet talking on TV and compromising at the expense of workers will lead to further decline and eventually the death of your public-sector union.

Concern Citizen