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Putting NDC on warning

I am asking all NDC representatives to please ensure their supporters receive grant funding from the final Covid-19 disbursement.

NNP operatives are still inside the Secretariat and visiting people’s homes to set up their people and discriminating against our supporters from receiving assistance.

An NNP man inside the Secretariat telling people they already have fridge and refusing to approve their application to upgrade or purchase equipment to replace their over 30 years plus old equipment that their deceased parents left them with.

These are the same bunch who gave all NNP supporters thousands of dollars under every roll out of Covid funds but yet they remain there and now trying to keep out NDC supporters from getting a little something too.

NNP supporters got Covid relief as market vendors, spice vendors, craft center and farmers. I know that some of them got money under all 4 categories with no investigation. Now is the time to nip it in the bud. Let us get it right.

It’s now 100 plus days in office and we need to get it right and straight. MPs, please make sure your supporters get their share of the pie to help and improve themselves and their little business that suffered under NNP. Too late shall be all you cry.

Clean up that Secretariat. Clean it up, clean it up, mop up and sweep out. I know of a lady whose tears will not fall in vain. She toiled and suffered under NNP. She needed a new fridge to make her living in her small village shop but got no help.

Mr PM, please check out all those who did receive money before and review all applications for those who got double double but now receiving triple.

NDC, please treat your supporters with respect and dignity as they are the ones who were trampled upon to get you in office. Be careful with those newsmongers and help the ones who were cursed, threatened and who never gave up on NDC.

Some of our people are making a big mistake by setting up those who just come and the ones who struggled for and with all you for 15 plus years all you pretending they don’t exist.

Some come only for positions and to full the pockets of themselves and their friends.

Am saying please take warning and very serious warning.

NDC Lover