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Putin’s choice

Every Super Power that exists and existed previously is obligated to pursue certain obligations to itself and its people.

  1. A nation needs to be either allied to another nation supplier or have its own supply of essential products such as fuel, food – the necessities.
  2. Every national government pursues and nurtures an ability to unite its people. Unity is far better than chaos.
  3. Most national administrations study future developments, the possibilities of what could and would happen that can affect their nation.
  4. Self- sufficiency in all things has often been the milestone of national governments.National Governments are obligated to nurture their youth, and ensure future generations are well educated, creative and ambitious.
  5. When in doubt, all national governments will support every endeavour to make the nation more successful, and greater than the previous administration.
  6. A Leader, no matter the political stripe, will work towards leaving their mark on their nation’s politics and history.

President Putin is presently playing the same cards that every democracy in existence has played. How did America become such a powerhouse economically and militarily?

By annexing, conquering and buying their land masses, Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium to name a few were colonial powers that raped the African, Latin American, Asian and Caribbean continents.

India still feels the effects of British Colonialism to this very day. India’s move towards Religious Fascism today is directly influenced by British political management, playing one race or religion against the other. If the people are not united, they will certainly fall. Distorting and manipulating a people’s national quest allows nationalist elites to rule the day.

Putin is taking his nation’s vast riches and capabilities and throwing them against the wall, hoping that something will stick. Once a great and powerful empire, Russia’s fear of those that surround and threaten Russia continues to affect policy, even if it is an illusion.

If your nation has become the majority supplier of all energy to the EU, why not inject political adventure into the equation? America does it all the time, as do other super powers. Russia’s economic engine needs a reason to modernise and grow. Simple capitalistic greed is not enough.

Pride in the nation’s accomplishments, its conquests, its power must be quenched. Ukraine once belonged to the Russian Soviet Federation, as did the Imperial Russian Empire. Then western forces assisted elites within the Ukraine to force separation from Russia.

If Hawaii decided on its own accord to declare independence from America, what do you think mainland America would do?

Who is this war good for? The super powers armament industry and suppliers, that’s who. Billions sent to Ukraine to fight off Russian aggression. And will Ukrainians return to a democratic government once this war is over?

A process of rebuilding can be an oppressive moment in a nation’s life. Perhaps not. And will Ukraine have to pay back for all those weapons? The weapons are not free. Loans that will hang over the Ukrainian People for generations to come.

The economic and political speed bumps these people will have to endure may be unachievable. And while this is happening the Western World’s leaders and their allies show up for photo ops, gathering to bad mouth the Russian leader, who they had no problem dealing with a year ago.

The world claims Putin is illegally claiming 4 regions of the Ukraine. If you know your history, you’d know what National Governments have put their people through. War, lots of war. The invention of modern slavery came from the imaginations of Portuguese and Spanish entrepreneurs. The British perfected it in the Caribbean.

Nations pollute their own land masses through uncontrolled capitalism, and when their fellow citizens complain, these entrepreneurs establish their toxic manufacturing plants and processes in Third World nations.

I guess all I am saying is that the “free world” is calling one of their best natural recourse suppliers names, all because President Putin did not follow the rules. What is good for the goose is good for the gander right? The wealthy get wealthier, the rest of humanity suffers now and in times to come.

The global Powers play high and mighty with each other, and the lowly citizen suffers. How long must this be allowed to happen? History repeats itself as a time honoured process.

Steven Kasab
Bradford, Ontario