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Property thieves

I am a Grenadian currently residing in Canada. I came across your article entitled “Land thief caught in the act which was published October 3rd 2020.

This article caught my attention because I am currently experiencing the same fate with regards to my property in Grenada. I unfortunately tried assisting a family member in securing a loan for his business who refuses to return my documents for my said property to me.

I have since tried soliciting a lawyer but was unsuccessful. In your article it appears the seasoned barrister-at-law, does know the laws of Grenada when it comes to title deed and property ownership.

You did not mention that lawyer’s name so hence the reason why I am reaching out to you for assistance. I realise this might be a long short but any assistance I can have in soliciting this barrister to work my case will be appreciated.

All my immediate family members reside in Canada so I have no one in Grenada who can recommend a proper lawyer so I will truly appreciate your assistance in having the contact details of this lawyer you reference in your article.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Concerned Grenadian in Canada

NB: Rest assured that we will supply you with the name of the attorney-at-law