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Problems inside RGPF

Members of the RGPF are increasingly voicing their concerns about the actions of the Commissioner of Police who is now on official leave.

Police officers are saying by his nature he is demonstrating his true colors which is inherent in his culture.

The question being asked is – why Martin being on leave finds himself in the meeting with the PM on April 12th 2022 at the National Stadium?

In addition, police are asking why Martin, who is on leave, retained the official vehicle designation for the office of the Commissioner of Police for which Michael Francois now occupies.

The shaping of the police force now is becoming more evident that the NNP is strategically creating a politically-aligned police force to serve the interest of the politicians and not the Grenada public.

It is now circulating that one of the key advisors to both the Chief and the former police officer in the USA is a member of RGPF.

Police officers say that (name withheld) is on his way to PHQ to fill a position left by one of the ACP who has recently proceeded on annual leave.

According to police sources, the departing ACP has always been credited by Martin and most members of the force for his commitment and reliability to duty. It is believed that before his departure he held the positions of Implementation, Crime and Operations. Can the man earmarked for the job fit into the vacancy? One will just have to wait.

It seems like the public will continue to suffer from inconsistent administration of the RGPF. One must ask the question – where are the trained officers like Connaught, Curwen, McIntyre, Stafford and Pierre who are seniors and have the knowledge and experience to perform?

Everyone must agree that Grenada and Grenadians deserve better as it relates to public safety.

Can the Grenadian public really benefit from this type of security arrangement where the politicians influence activities within the framework of the force?

Police Foot Soldier