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Precilla Noel is a special person

I know most of you may have visited CHOKO’S SPORTS BAR on the Carenage. If so, you may have enjoyed one or more of the tasty dishes featured on their menu. But do you ever wonder who is the person that conjures up those daily delights?

Today I proudly presents PRECILLA NOEL. This phenomenal woman would truly stand out in any crowd. Her very presence speaks of confidence. From an early age she made her mark. A past student of Grenville Secondary School, she excelled at both the 60 and 100 meters dash, representing her school at many an athletic meet.

She was even voted most popular student for 5 years. She never limits herself. Her earliest memories of cooking dates back to childhood years, bubbling a pot under the cocoa.

Years later, she has emerged into an experienced outstanding cook who is responsible for all those dainty dishes found on the menu at CHOKO’S.

One may wonder how she finds the time within her busy daily schedule for anything else. Still, she has managed to develop and even perfected the art of both Photography and Designing. Just a couple of her other hidden talents. As she quipped, “I make this business, this business doesn’t MAKE me!”

With such a mindset, the sky is obviously her limit! She is poetry in motion as she effortlessly moves between the pots and pans then to the bar and back again. This while still finding the time to check up on her customers, taking their food orders and ensuring everyone is comfortable. Always wearing that bewitching smile and going at an energetic pace.

Under her watchful eye is the young barman. A savvy youth with dreams of becoming a Sound Engineer, he is very knowledgeable about the drinks he serves. He also doubles as the in-house DJ when needed. Under the stewardship of PRECILLA, he may even invite you to a game of Darts just to make sure you don’t get bored.

Like a Ship’s Captain, this wonder woman does a splendid job at keeping customers happy and satisfied. She speaks of eventually owning her own business which would see the merging of MUSIC, MODELLING ETC.

Her biggest support comes from both her MOM and her PARTNER. She was high in praise of them and remains eternally grateful for their respective contributions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, for a young lady to have risen above the odds and to be making such strides I think she deserves a STANDING OVATION!


Patricia Gairy