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Prayer to protect Dickon Mitchell

Congratulations my brothers and sisters, give God praise and thanks for delivering this our beautiful islands of Petite Martinique, Carriacou and Grenada.

Now we must pray and ask God Almighty and all-powerful to cover our Prime Minister, Government Ministers and Senators and all Public Officers who are to be involved in the governance and provision of service to this nation that no evil intentions and objectives would prevail against our Government and the Public Service and nation.

We have to pray for good heartedness and strength and confidence for them so that they will be able to undertake the work required to build this nation to the honour and glory of God, to create prosperity and good fortune for the people of Grenada that our entire nation will grow and become prosperous.

We have to break every chain of darkness and evil and rebuke and repel all those who may want to infiltrate the Cabinet to create havoc and division and disharmony and destruction.

We must cover our Prime Minister and Ministers and Senators with the precious blood of Jesus so that they will be protected and empowered with the vision and wisdom to do great things for this nation so that there will be a new awakening and revival in this land that all peoples will be motivated and enlightened and empowered to participate meaningfully in the development and growth and prosperity of our nation.

We pray that all evil intentions will be cast out so that our nation will be covered and protected with the spirit of peace and love and that our crime rate will become zero and we will become an even safer nation that will attract the many visitors to come to our nation and enjoy its beauty, peace and tranquility.

We pray that the people of the nation will be blessed with a thirst for an improved standard of living and that they will strive to be removed from poverty and drugs and other evil vices and evil objects of this world that may be keeping our people in bondage and preventing them from rising to higher heights Lord.

Help us Lord to be delivered from all darkness over this nation.

We pray for your blessings on our Prime Minister and for your blessings of protection upon him and we bind and destroy all evil pointed at him and we break every evil plans and every yoke of the enemy against him and we ask that he be blessed and highly favoured to lead this country to prosperity and growth and development for every single citizen of this nation to grow in peace and love for all peoples of the entire nation.

Bless our country with good fortune Lord Jesus and keep us safe from all storms, earthquakes and natural disasters. Give our Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell good health and strength to lead with vision, confidence and humility.

Lord, help him to keep listening to and respecting the people and in Jesus’ mighty and powerful name we pray. Amen.

The Prayer Warrior